Training groups are broken into three levels: Sandpipers, Riptide and Big Kahunas.

Isle swim uses a progressive age group program that is designed to develop a swimmer physically, mentally and emotionally in a systematic order. The emphasis in the early stages of participation is on developing technical skills and the love for the sport. Then the swimmers will be introduced more demanding physical and psychological challenges and the ownership of their sport. Swimmers will be placed in their group by age and ability.  Advancing to the next training group will be determined by the coaches. The Walk Up and Tryout will determine whether the athlete is ready for the challenge of a competitive team.

The team practices are as follows:  Spring Hours

Sandpipers    5-6p       Monday - Thursday

Riptide         6-7p       Monday - Thursday

Big Kahunas  7-830p   Monday - Friday

Practice Times and Days are subject to change as team size fluctuates.


Bginning Level swimmers will focus on stroke technique and kicking with an emphasis on breathing, balance and having fun. Swimmers are also introduced to relays, turns, the clock, drills and basic water safety. Development of good training habits are a big part of this group. With improvement they begin to swim longer distances, applying skills with more fluidity and confidence.


At this level swimmers are introduced to more complex sets and start to generate ownership of their sport. There is a consistent emphasis on technique as well as building stamina. Swimmers begin to understand the importance of setting personal goals and maintaining a supportive team environment.


This level of training is for committed athlete. The workouts are challenging and there is an emphasis on goal-setting for personal growth. Technique continues to be foundational to practice, and building stamina and speed is integrated into drills.

Swimmers need to be self motivated and ‘own’ swimming as their sport without parental pressure to attend either practice or meets. Understanding personal achievement, team unity and competitive excellence is a priority at this level. This group is expected to attend dryland core training.

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