Upcoming Meets:

July - 


July31 & Aug 1  = Area 1 & 4     Open to All Swimmers    (NO QUALIFYING TIMES)              

Location: Trousdell Aquatic Center,  298 John Knox Road Tallahassee, FL 32303

Entry limits: Swimmers are limited to  three (3) individual events on Saturday and three (3) individual events on Sunday.

 Entry fees: $65 per swimmer.

Warm Up 7am Meet Starts 8am

ALL swimmers in one session (this is NOT a split session

Please commit by July 20th


Location: Bolles Jax

All Isle Swim Swimmers swim on Saturday!!

Warm Up 8 am but may change

Meet Start 9 am

12 and up are Prelim and Finals

10 Unders are timed finals.

Swimmers Attending:

Cora Foxwell- Jones

Michael Tarzia

Hampton Walker


B - AAAA Time Standards

Qualify Time Standards

Please Note: meets my be added to the schedule or schedule may change.

We like to see as many of our swimmers as possible at these meets.

Average meets are 2 days Saturday & Sunday there are some meets that will begin on Friday - you do not have to participate all days.


If you have any questions or specific requests for a certain meet,

please communicate with your coach

Once the swimmer has been entered in a meet, you are responsible for the meet fees even if the swimmer does not participate in meet.